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The diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease characterized by increased levels of glucose in the blood. Responsible for this condition is a defect in the production or functionality of insulin, a secreted hormone at the pancreas level and indispensable for the metabolism of sugars. All simple and complex sugars (starches), which are consumed with nutrition, are transformed into the course of glucose digestion, which is the main cause energy for the muscles and organs.
In order for glucose to enter its cells and to be used as a “fuel”, the presence of insulin, produced by particular pancreatic cells (beta cells) in groups

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Types of Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes: a time called insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes, affects 10% of cases of diabetes and develops predominantly since childhood and adolescence. In diabetes of type 1, the production of insulin by the pancreas is suppressed or greatly reduced due to the destruction of the beta cells by the immune system.

Type 2 diabetes: this is the most normal diabetes and affects 90% of cases. It is predominantly developed from the age of 40 and mainly affects obese or overweight subjects. In Type 2 diabetes, the pancreas is able to produce insulin (albeit in a reduced way) but the cells in the body fail to use it efficiently: this entails an increase in blood glucose levels. Typically, the presence of type 2 diabetes may not be detected for many years, as hyperglycemia develops gradually and does not have any particularly obvious symptoms like type 1 diabetes.

Some of the diabetes of type 2 type symptoms are: Feeling tired, frequent need to urinate even at night, Weight loss, unusual thirst, and blurred vision and slow reparation of wounds

In this light, vedda blood sugar remedy is quite helpful. Apart from lowering the blood sugar level, it helps to lower body weight, reverse problems of paralysis and decrease cholesterol in the body. Those suffering from diabetes know well that they need to be very careful about their diet by consuming low glycemic food (a parameter that is useful for classifying foods based on the effect they have on blood sugar). The diet for a diabetic is in fact a real therapeutic tool to be complemented with pharmacological therapy with the aim of controlling blood sugar, body weight and avoiding complications.

The Mediterranean Diet (well done), according to experts from the Italian Society of Diabetes, confirms the best against diabetes. According to two new studies, this type of nutrition is anti-inflammatory and contributes to affect the regenerative capacity of the arteries, keeping them young and healthy.  Vedda blood sugar protocol review is quite genuine and has been approved by many.

Recommended regular consumption of vegetables, especially useful tomatoes and artichokes, but also so-called tubers of health and some types of fruit. It is good to prefer whole grains by restricting bread and pasta obtained from white flour and animal fat. A place of honor continues to keep the extra virgin olive oil, the best condiment for every meal made by diabetic people but generally recommended to everyone. This product is able to keep the blood glucose as a high-glycemic meal with this type of oil contributes to lowering blood sugar levels. Also confirmed by a study on diabetic type 2 diabetic patients, the properties of blue fish in the arteries. The benefits would usually be attributed to Omega 3 fatty acids, which, as we know, are also contained in some foods of plant origin.

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