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Get rid of diabetes with Vedda Blood sugar Remedy diet plan

review on vedda blood sugar remedy

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which there is an alteration in the use of sugars due to a partial or total lack of the hormone insulin or that it does not fulfill its function. Insulin makes it possible for sugars to enter cells to be used as a source of energy, if it is low or malfunctioning, sugars accumulate in the blood, producing what is called hyperglycemia (levels above normal sugar -glucose in the blood).

It is estimated that in between 3% and 5% of the population is diabetic, of which most suffer from the so-called type II or adult (non-insulin dependent) diabetes, and to a lesser extent (15%) , Type I or childhood diabetes (requires insulin administration).

However, there are other types of diabetes: type I (early in childhood but with characteristics of the adult), and gestational diabetes (of incidence during pregnancy), diabetes III (begins in the adult as I and Evolves as II), diabetes secondary to organic alterations or disease of pancreas, thyroid, adrenal glands, and hydrocarbon intolerance. In the latter case, hyperglycemia is less severe than in the rest. In relation to the most common types of diabetes, In type II , genetic factors (inheritance), obesity (80% of type II diabetics are overweight or obese), imbalanced diets (very energetic and rich in simple sugars), sedentary lifestyle and population aging . Type I influences a certain individual predisposition, as well as alterations of the immune system (of defenses of the organism) and viral infections that can trigger reactions of autoimmunity with destruction of the pancreatic cells that secrete the insulin. It is for this reason that those who suffer from it already need to inject insulin. There are a lot of diet plans which have come up recently.

One interesting and successful is the vedda blood sugar diet plan.  This is recommended for all those whose suffer from type 2 diabetes. Dempsey studies the famous Vedda tribe from Srilanka and found the diet plan which can be useful for treating diabetes,

First and foremost, do not look at diabetes as an incurable disease. Embrace it as a condition that is now part of your life and that only requires some adjustments. The faster you see it that way and make radical decisions, the faster you’ll start to feel better.  * Always have the glucometer on hand. It will help you control your blood glucose levels. According to doctors it is advisable to do the test before breakfast; but if it does not feel right perform it at the time it is necessary. Vedda blood sugar remedy review can be found online along with the diet plan for better results

  • One of the successes of people who have learned to carry this condition is a balanced diet, which keeps regulating the consumption of sugars and carbohydrates.
  • It is advisable to eat in small portions but do it several times a day. It is estimated that between 5 and 6 (breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon, dinner and before bed). The latter should be small portions.
  • Keep in mind that the fact that a food does not contain sugar does not make it free of carbohydrates. Flours as they pass through the digestive process end up becoming sugar.
  • Reduce consumption of bread, tortillas, rice, crackers, cereals, potatoes and corn. It’s not that you do not eat it, you do it in moderation and vary the daily menu.


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